I am Greg C. Fisher. And I am traveler to move all aver the world and collection knowledge about food related knowledge and sharing by using my blog that’s a way I am traveling more that 8 years and the travel for possible for my viewer, wisher and flower who are enraged me always. That’s why I am here.

Last year I was traveled to china, Thailand and it was trap for foodtraveler and I was here to moderation for the total traveler. And I was published more that 12 books about food, travel, kitchen, many ok my books are more popular and demandable so I am always try to make books for spread out my knowledge.

This blog is like a open book for my all viewer and flower and you can use any of part my recopies and picture here is my all kind of picture build up easily and more accessible. So you can easily use it to your blog and use the picture.

If this your following  the blog and you need any kind of help and information and recipe you do not know  and need any more recopies which you can inform me.  You can like, comment and share any think on my blog area.

I hope I can serve to you with your kind need……